Sunday, August 19, 2012

WIP 2: MG sandrock

So I have finally been able to start painting my Sandrock, even though its 35 degrees(celcius) outside and a nice high humidity.So far I have painted the innerframe, and started on the 2 blades of its heat shotels and tried some pre-shading on the shoulder armor and its shield.

Part of the innerframe and heat shotel handles and the beam machine gun. The innerframe is made metalic grey and the parts of the weapons are gun metal.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

WIP: MG Sandrock EW

So here I am again after a few weeks since my last post. I havent done much on modeling, I built the Sandrock and made some pictures before taking it apart again to paint(which I actually have been waiting for the paint to arrive, which should be in the next few days now). So my plan is to paint it all in the same colour it is now, but trying new things like adding some shading and some other effects with a weathering set.

So here are some pics now: