Friday, June 29, 2012

Gundam models on my wish list

Welcome back, so it has been a while, busy with school, now started my summerjob, so still having little time. But I wanted to make a list of gundams I still want as model kits. And I welcome everyone to let me know in the comments which I should also take a look at or would fit with the gundams I already want, or just something totally different that you could advise me to take a look at.

So first I will start with the gundam I still have in backorder due to damage where I ordered it. The MG deathscythe EW from Gundam wing.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

PG GP01/fb video

Hello again. For this special gundam kit I made a short video where I talk a bit and have a slide show. So if you want to hear and see more about this kit:

Perfect grade GP01/fb

So this is my latest gunpla build. The first one I panted completely. It is the mother of all perfect grades, the box maybe only dwarfed by the 1/144 HG Dendrobium but not by much I bet. This PG is essentially 2 gundams in one box and an MS hangar. You get the ground type and all the necessary parts to turn it into the spacetype. This gundam from the OVA 0083 Stardust memory is one of my most favourite gundams. That series is one of my favourite too next to the SEED universe. And together with the fact that I like big models this makes the PG GP01/fb perfect for me. So after a long time I got this kit and from seeing it from youtube video's I expected it to be big, but when I got it it was huge, really huge, much bigger then I expected compared to my PG strike freedom box.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

MG Wing Gundam EW version

So I am nearing the end of the gunpla I currently have. I did not expect to buy this particular kit. I was looking in the store and was actually looking at the MG strike + IWSP. But after a conversation with someone else who was looking for a kit in the store I began to doubt and couldnt make up my mind. So I went looking for more kits, then hidden away behind the stacked gunpla kits I found the MG Wing gundam EW.

 You dont want to have this one walking up to you like this.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

More of my history

Well this is on request by Gundam Beginner(a link to his blog is on the side of this page). In a conversation with him on his blog where I mentioned a big plamo model I built years ago, which he was interested in seeing, and who am I to not let everyone see them. All these models are built years ago, over 6 years old. They certainly aren't the cleanest since I just took them of the shelf and photographed them. I did have a lot more models in the past but with moving 6 years ago and a very big cleaning of my room a few months ago.

So now to start with the pictures of those models, first the B52, I don't remember which scale it is but its a huge plane to begin with, I believe this plane is meant to be in service for atleast 30 to 50 more years if memory serves right. That would mean it becomes the longest plane type in service. It was developed for carrying nuclear bombs in the cold war. Nowadays it is used for carpet bombing, this is the model I built as will be very visible with the bombs hanging on the model. Another adjustment made to this model are the 3 wires, those are just 3 wires for a special rail system to hang paintings on the wall, due to space limitations those were added so it could hang from a hook on the ceiling.

 The front

Monday, June 11, 2012

MG Aile Strike

So this is my 2nd proper gunpla kit I got this a few weeks after I got my PG strike freedom. As I told with the PG SF the gundam seed universe contains my favourite gundams. So it was obvious I would pick a gundam from that universe, that became the Aile Strike. I am a huge fan of the strike and all its striker packs. My goal is to have all the striker packs in MG, as there is also a sword + launcher strike model. It would've been perfect if the sword and launcher packs would have been available too for the PG but sadly those don't exist(yet?).

So about this kit, did not paint it, but this kit was my first try at panel-lining, personally I think I could've done a few less panel lines but I am still happy with the result, I just used a fine tip 0,1 permanent marker for the lines. Furthermore I really like that special action base that came with it so it is fully displayable in its launching position even with the charging plug attached to it as seen in the anime.

Now for some pictures(I dont have much pictures of this kit and I believe they are made with my phone the Galaxy S2) :

 The boxart

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Perfect grade Strike Freedom

Ok here is my first proper gunpla model, the PG strike freedom, technically this isnt my first ever gunpla model, I have build 2 non grade strike gundams that I bought years ago on an animecon, I don't count these in my gunpla collection because they are easy, no skill required and 1 of them is thrown away already and the other I use to test painting tricks on for future models at the moment.

The PG strike freedom is the most expensive perfect grade out there, with its wings open its a huge suit. Luckily it comes with an action base to support it because with the wings on the suit its a heavy and a real back heavy suit. I bought this kit because I love the Gundam SEED universe, and the Strike Freedom is my favourite gundam suit of all times. I did not paint, panel-line or put the decals on this kit at the time of making the pictures, and so far I have only panel-lined the model and put on a few of the sticker decals, I am considering to get water-slide decals for this kit but not yet at this moment of writing.

Now for some pictures of the model:

The box, as you can see the boxart looks really good.

The beginning


I am Lorri(just a nickname that stuck lol) and I am reasonable new to gunpla, but not a beginner in plastic model building nor an expert, I know my way around, how to solve problems that arise. I am new to painting models, I have only done that once before painting a gundam kit. In the first few posts I will show the current gunpla models I have built. and after those posts I will slowly add more models when I get around to building or buying new models and accessories. And probably also plans I have for models I want to get.