Sunday, June 10, 2012

The beginning


I am Lorri(just a nickname that stuck lol) and I am reasonable new to gunpla, but not a beginner in plastic model building nor an expert, I know my way around, how to solve problems that arise. I am new to painting models, I have only done that once before painting a gundam kit. In the first few posts I will show the current gunpla models I have built. and after those posts I will slowly add more models when I get around to building or buying new models and accessories. And probably also plans I have for models I want to get.

And as for the people who are interested, so far all the pictures I will be uploading are made with my own nikon D5000 SLR camera.

Now for showing my models:

As I said I only painted 1 model before I painted my first gundam and this is that model, I believe its the 1/24 model Ferrari Enzo by revell(its already years old so I don't remember the scale but I do know that its from revell). I painted this with a brush, every single part, I am still very happy with the result of this kit. Yes the engine bay doesn't close properly but that's because it used to be in the open position. I was still improving my glueing skills at the time of building this as is visible on the clear parts.

 The Ferrari on its shelf next to the MG wing gundam EW in bird mode

 The engine details

 And the inside with the driver seat and passenger seat.

Ok this the first part of my small bit on my history in model building

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