Monday, June 11, 2012

MG Aile Strike

So this is my 2nd proper gunpla kit I got this a few weeks after I got my PG strike freedom. As I told with the PG SF the gundam seed universe contains my favourite gundams. So it was obvious I would pick a gundam from that universe, that became the Aile Strike. I am a huge fan of the strike and all its striker packs. My goal is to have all the striker packs in MG, as there is also a sword + launcher strike model. It would've been perfect if the sword and launcher packs would have been available too for the PG but sadly those don't exist(yet?).

So about this kit, did not paint it, but this kit was my first try at panel-lining, personally I think I could've done a few less panel lines but I am still happy with the result, I just used a fine tip 0,1 permanent marker for the lines. Furthermore I really like that special action base that came with it so it is fully displayable in its launching position even with the charging plug attached to it as seen in the anime.

Now for some pictures(I dont have much pictures of this kit and I believe they are made with my phone the Galaxy S2) :

 The boxart

 All the plates still in the box

Part of the plates on the table

 All the other plates and that big plate in the front is the base plate for the action base.

 The sticker decals for the eyes and camera's and the dry transfer decals.

 The back of the suit in launching position(I am aware that its not the best looking pose lol)

 From the side

And from the front.

Ok, so I am have made myself aware that I did not make much pictures at all of this gundam after I was done building it.So if someone is interested to see more of this model let me know in the comments and I can take some more pictures.

A final short conclusion of this kit is that its a nice model to build, especially the because it has the Aile strike pack. And the base is just awesome except for the minor complaint that I wouldve liked that the sled where the feet are connected on in the anime would've been more of a connection in this kit, they are almost twice as wide as the feet of the strike, and that is just a small problem when having the power plug connected to the strikes back, which is just a tough plastic tubing so it has a nag for pushing the gundam to one side because the feet dont have a solid connection with the launch sled. But besides that its a great gunpla kit to build and the special action base gives it a great deal of posing opportunities.

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