Sunday, June 10, 2012

Perfect grade Strike Freedom

Ok here is my first proper gunpla model, the PG strike freedom, technically this isnt my first ever gunpla model, I have build 2 non grade strike gundams that I bought years ago on an animecon, I don't count these in my gunpla collection because they are easy, no skill required and 1 of them is thrown away already and the other I use to test painting tricks on for future models at the moment.

The PG strike freedom is the most expensive perfect grade out there, with its wings open its a huge suit. Luckily it comes with an action base to support it because with the wings on the suit its a heavy and a real back heavy suit. I bought this kit because I love the Gundam SEED universe, and the Strike Freedom is my favourite gundam suit of all times. I did not paint, panel-line or put the decals on this kit at the time of making the pictures, and so far I have only panel-lined the model and put on a few of the sticker decals, I am considering to get water-slide decals for this kit but not yet at this moment of writing.

Now for some pictures of the model:

The box, as you can see the boxart looks really good.

The gundam:

 Legs are almost done and these are just about all the plates I needed for the legs. These are just a few off all the plates for the whole kit.

 The 2 legs of the gundam, they are posed in this picture in fully bent and straight form. on the bent leg you can see that the knee armor splits and also the thigh armor splits when bending the leg.
 Kira Yamato in his cockpit of the strike freedom

 The arm, shoulder, backpack mount(which is also the mount for the action base, the strike freedoms frame hangs off the backpack when its on the action base) and 1 out of 4 wings completed and of course the 6 leftover dragoons destined for the other 3 wings.
 The strike freedom hanging on the action base from its backpack.
 The wings in full burst mode.
 The back of the completed suit where you can see that the backpack attaches to the actionbase.
A close up of the suit with the LED in the head on.

And I think this is the picture which everyone waited for who has seen the anime, the full burst mode of the strike freedom.

This was the introduction to my collection with the first proper gundam model I built.

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