Wednesday, June 13, 2012

MG Wing Gundam EW version

So I am nearing the end of the gunpla I currently have. I did not expect to buy this particular kit. I was looking in the store and was actually looking at the MG strike + IWSP. But after a conversation with someone else who was looking for a kit in the store I began to doubt and couldnt make up my mind. So I went looking for more kits, then hidden away behind the stacked gunpla kits I found the MG Wing gundam EW.

 You dont want to have this one walking up to you like this.

And at first I confused it with the ver ka version of the wing gundam, so I thought I bought the ver. ka. but it is the EW, but it is basicly the ver. ka. That is because the EW version is what I gathered online only different from the ver. ka in the colours of the plastic. This suit does transform, it transforms from MS mode into bird mode, and the other way arround. I personally like the suits from gundam wing, at the time that I bought this kit I wasnt really aware of all the other main gundams from the show being released in MG, so a definate goal of me is to collect them all, and atm I am still waiting for my backorder of the MG deathscythe EW.

 The gun is bigger then the suit itself.

So now about the model itself, it was a great built to do. really nice details. a massive gun. But with that the problem starts, there are no pegs in the hands to connect to the gun, and with the weight and size of the gun its impossible to hold it properly without the peg. now it can only be held when it leans on the grounds, I managed to get the gundam to hold it up once and then the gundam decided to topple over after a small nudge against the shelf, making it drop to the ground. Which let to another problem. A really nice feature are the extra ammo packs for the buster riffle, giving it 9 shots now instead of 3. As is visible I panel lined the kit and put a few dry transfer decals on the kit, the first time I used them in my life, and it went ok, some got ruined so I removed them again.

Wing in its bird mode, for convenience at the time I used the extra ammo packs as a kind of landing gear. this is also the only mode where the gun actually stays pointing straight forward in the air. Nowadays I have it on an action base in bird mode.

Just chilling.

 The decals I applied

The shield, due to the gundam topling over and falling because of it that white triangle broke and dissapeared, the one on the kit now is one I shaped myself from a piece of white plastic I had laying arround and sanded it down to have the sharp edges. 

The arm guard of the buster riffle

So a conclusion about this kit. Its an awesome looking kit. Despite the fact that it cant hold the gun properly due to an absent peg. But otherwise its a good kit, fun to build, lots of panel lines and details, and it transforms, which is easy and it turns into a cool looking plane. I am very happy with this kit, and I would suggest it to everyone who likes gundam wing and to people who like transforming suits.

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