Friday, June 29, 2012

Gundam models on my wish list

Welcome back, so it has been a while, busy with school, now started my summerjob, so still having little time. But I wanted to make a list of gundams I still want as model kits. And I welcome everyone to let me know in the comments which I should also take a look at or would fit with the gundams I already want, or just something totally different that you could advise me to take a look at.

So first I will start with the gundam I still have in backorder due to damage where I ordered it. The MG deathscythe EW from Gundam wing.

As I already have the wing gundam EW and the deathscythe in backorder I want to complete my gundam wing collection with the MG heavy arms EW, MG Sandrock EW and the MG shenlong EW kits. And I am doubting about the MG epyon EW but I dont like that design much.

Another kit I want is the PG strike + PG skygrasper with aile strike pack. I like big kits and well I probably built the 2 biggest PG's already, and since I am a huge fan of the Seed universe it wouldnt be right not to get this combination. Just the PG strike is just a little to empty looking without atleast a strike pack on. Sadly only the Aile strike pack has been released for this PG, I hope that maybe they will release the Sword pack and Launcher pack too now they have been celebrating the 10th anniversary of Seed and they are releasing all the new MG's of the first gundams in the show, Which I am thinking of also getting, atleast the MG Aegis, Blitz and Buster are the ones I like to get. Then getting the MG Duel should just be there too in that list. I have the MG aile strike already, but I am doubting to either get the MG sword + launcher strike, or the Real Grade aile strike + skygrasper with its sword and laucher packs. So please let me know which you think I should get.
I would get the normal PG strike then, not the Rouge or the 30th anniversary clear edition.

So this is a short list of kits I still want at the moment. Please let me know if I should still get some kits that would interest me. It doesnt need to be restricted to gunpla, nice revell aircraft models, or even a 1/72 macross frontier model(have been interested in the Alto custom with Tornado pack so I am really interested in someone who built it and can tell me what those macross kits are like)

PS.  I forgot to mention I am also looking at the MG unicorn full armor, its a big kit, and I think it just awesome with the huge amount of weaponry it has.

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