Sunday, June 17, 2012

Perfect grade GP01/fb

So this is my latest gunpla build. The first one I panted completely. It is the mother of all perfect grades, the box maybe only dwarfed by the 1/144 HG Dendrobium but not by much I bet. This PG is essentially 2 gundams in one box and an MS hangar. You get the ground type and all the necessary parts to turn it into the spacetype. This gundam from the OVA 0083 Stardust memory is one of my most favourite gundams. That series is one of my favourite too next to the SEED universe. And together with the fact that I like big models this makes the PG GP01/fb perfect for me. So after a long time I got this kit and from seeing it from youtube video's I expected it to be big, but when I got it it was huge, really huge, much bigger then I expected compared to my PG strike freedom box.

So now about this kit. This is my first painted gundam model. I kept everything the same colour. All the white is flat white, the red is Ferrari red, blue is French blue, the inner-frame is metallic black, the black on the outside like the hands, parts of the corefighter are flat black and the yellow is just yellow. All these paints are from Humbrol. As one would guess this takes alot of paint, especially when using spray cans. This model actually took me the longest time ever to build due to the painting, it took me 2.5 weeks to complete this kit. But now for some nice pictures and a short conclusion at the end.

One of the inner boxes.

Part of the underside of the shield, next to it a cover for an Ipod touch.

The decal, these are stickers so I have not used them, I may decide to get waterslide decals some day. but not at the moment.

And the 2nd box with parts.

So this is the PG strike freedom box compared to the PG GP01/fb.

 1 completed foot and the separate parts I painted for the 2nd foot.

 A completed foot.

 The leg with all its panels open.

 The bent of the leg and the foot.

Both legs done.

A leg of the PG standing next to a 1/100 MG Aile Strike.

 The legs with the skirt armor and waist armor.

 The corefighter for the groundtype. The cannopy was one solid piece but has been masked and painted with flat black.

The corefighter in its place in the core. The corefighter is a structural component of this gundam so one has to be inside at all times.

 The head lit up by a green LED inside the head.

The shield in condensed form.

 The 2 guns, on top the submachine gun and below it the beam riffle.

The shield in its full mode. It is a really huge part of the kit.

The chest and back armor which folds over the thrusters of the corefighter.

 The beam riffle, it clearly has frosting from the flat clear coating, but I like it, it kinda looks like the paint is worn down on those places from usage.

Pursuing the enemy.

The groundtype with all the parts needed for the spacetype conversion.

Both the corefighters, should be clear which is which.

This part of the legs and waist, together with the arms are the only parts that are both used in both modes of the gundam.

 The back of the spacetype. The thrusterpods on the back does make it a bit backheavy though.

The front, those feet parts for the spacetype makes the gundam even taller then it already was. All the panellines are done on this picture, and to me it looks great, even without the decals on it.

The gundam as I have displayed it at this moment on my gunpla shelf. It is huge together with the MS cage.

The corefighter for the groundtype all lined and done. 

 So after all the history of me and gunpla I thought it would be nice to show this to you all. All my gunpla, and only having 4 gundams I already need more shelves to properly display everything.

So a short conclusion about this gundam. It is a long but great built, due to problems with a store that ran out of the paint I used it became a drag at the end because I couldn't paint the last parts I needed done. But overall this was really great to build, lots of details, a lot of screws included which makes parts sturdy. It even has a suspension system in the legs with springs and all. The thrusters on the shoulders also come out with the press of a button. The fact that all the parts can be stored on the MS cage is really nice too so no parts have to be stored in bags or something.