Tuesday, June 12, 2012

More of my history

Well this is on request by Gundam Beginner(a link to his blog is on the side of this page). In a conversation with him on his blog where I mentioned a big plamo model I built years ago, which he was interested in seeing, and who am I to not let everyone see them. All these models are built years ago, over 6 years old. They certainly aren't the cleanest since I just took them of the shelf and photographed them. I did have a lot more models in the past but with moving 6 years ago and a very big cleaning of my room a few months ago.

So now to start with the pictures of those models, first the B52, I don't remember which scale it is but its a huge plane to begin with, I believe this plane is meant to be in service for atleast 30 to 50 more years if memory serves right. That would mean it becomes the longest plane type in service. It was developed for carrying nuclear bombs in the cold war. Nowadays it is used for carpet bombing, this is the model I built as will be very visible with the bombs hanging on the model. Another adjustment made to this model are the 3 wires, those are just 3 wires for a special rail system to hang paintings on the wall, due to space limitations those were added so it could hang from a hook on the ceiling.

 The front

 The side, this shows one of my first tries at putting decals on, that shark mouth was hard to put on and due to the time and me not knowing anything about coating at the time the decal isnt complete any more since part of it let go of the plastic and tore off.

 The landing gear.

The inner bomb bay where the nuke wouldve been and now normal bombs are stored, and as visible on the picture the rear landing gear lost a wheel over time.

And a wing mounted bomb rack.

Now for the B1-B, this is also a bomber like the B52, also used for nukes, and now for carpet bombing. The big difference in specs between a B1 and a B52 is that the B1 can fly at supersonic speeds and has a variable sweep wing concept, which works in the model too.

And now some pictures of the B1-B(the green cutting surface beneath the plane is slightly bigger then an A3 sized paper to give a comparison for the length of the model):

Subsonic flight mode

Supersonic flight mode

The landing gear with real rubber tires

The 2 forward bomb bays

The rear bomb bay with a nuke in it.

Now for one of my favourite airplanes of all time, the Concorde, the first supersonic passenger plane. It is a small plane but cool looking and really expensive lol. I built it in its landed position, sadly over the time 1 of the rear landing gears broke but it still looks good. And it had both the air France and British airways decals and I used the British airways decals to some extend and I painted the landing gears silver and part of the engines black like the real plane has.

The pictures:
 The full Concorde

 The nose, with the nose cone in its down position for better view during landing and at the runway.

The tail portion.

The underside where the engines and landing gear are painted.

Now for something else, a ship, an aircraft carrier to be precise, dont ask me which type or which one it is because I dont know, I bet this one must be like 12 years old, and it shows, it has little aircraft and helicopters on the deck which I lost a few of already, and 1 or 2 of the propellers are missing in action. And the only thing I remember about the build is that I build it together with my father, a few decals have been applied to it.

 The back of the ship with its aircraft lifts and landing deck.

 The only helicopter I have left on the ship. but its a full ship already with all the planes.

 The bridge and control tower of the ship with all the radar dishes and more.

The full ship on display.

And now the last plamo model for this post. The space shuttle. In its launching position on its carrier that transports it from its hangar to the launching pad. It is unpainted, no decals aplied, its mainly just a few big pieces, but I always liked the space shuttle(did have another one that was thrown away a long time ago but that was just the shuttle without the launch boosters), I like this model especially because of the carrier and the booster rockets.

 The back of the rockets.

 From the side where you are able to see the 3 connection points of the shuttle to the booster rockets.

And from another side. The sun made the white plastic yellow by now, but this is not its usual place where it is stored.

And now another model. Yes I wrote that the space shuttle was the last plamo in this post, and that is still true, while taking the pictures of the B52 and the Space shuttle I decided to make some pictures of a model of a trebuchet(did I wrote that right?) that I got as a building kit as a present from a holiday in France I believe. It was simple but that doesn't matter, it works, and while I was making pictures of my plamo I thought this one would look nice too in this list. One funny thing is that the first time I tried this artillery from the middle-ages the bottom of the weight container fell out due to the forces applied to it during swinging

Ok, that's all for this post. And one thing, in plamo, bigger is better ;)

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