Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy newyear to everyone & mecha lounge groupbuild

First I want to wish everyone a happy 2013 and a successful 2013.

So in this first post of 2013 I want to talk about the awesome group build that the people of the mecha lounge came up with(here).

So I have decided to join the battle against the ground forces. My initial idea was to build a 1/48 B-1b Rockwell Lancer bomber and adjust it for some 1/144 RG gunpla to fit in the bays. (next pictures are of the B-1b I already have but is falling apart, so its only used for measurements at the moment)

The RG skygrasper on the top of the B-1b

RG strike gundam on the underside of the B-1b about 1.5 bomb bay long.
So but after finishing the pre-build of my PG Strike(still need to take it apart to paint) I looked at it and thought I could fit it in too instead of the small RG kits. And maybe to make a stand on the roof of the plane where a gundam could stand, and then maybe another one inside the plane(PG Astray maybe?)

PG skygrasper ontop of the B-1b

So the PG Strike would need much more adjustments to the plane but would get more of a big feel and the feel of those airplanes that carry the evangelion units in Neon genisis evangelion

A close-up
So now my question is, what do you, my readers want me to build, the idea with the RG 1/144 kits or the idea with the PG 1/60 kits in combination with the 1/48 B-1b Rockwell Lancer. Let me know in the comments

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