Wednesday, July 10, 2013


So it has been a long time since I wrote something on here. This is mostly due to me not having build anything, or well I build the RG strike and skygrasper and the RG RX-78 but didnt make pictures of them yet seeing I dont know yet what I am gonna do with them at this time.

So now for the kit this post is about, I bought the newest M1A2 ABRAMS kit from Tamiya, the TUSK II version. Which stands for Tactical Urban Survival Kit. Meaning is has extra armor to withstand anti-tank mines, reactive armor against rockets and extra protection arround the hatches for the commander and the loader.

So Now for the pictures. Feel free to leave a comment.

Look at the incredible details

Look at the incredible details

All the wheels needed for 1 side of the tracks, they all have a poly-cap inside so they can still turn when on the tank

Notice the colour difference between the unpainted turret and the painted lower hull

The tanks body is done in Tamiya's Dessert Yellow, the guns and ammo boxes are in Tamiya's Gunmetal, and the black is Tamiya's Flat Black

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