Monday, July 29, 2013

WIP: Hobbyboss Dora

So this is going to be my first of probably many work in progress posts about this huge modelkit. so far I have built the tracks and built the 4 inner carriages and completed those, and partially build the 4 outer carriages with 1 of them completed as far as they are completed at this point in the instructions.

The very first parts to build next to the tracks ofcourse are the carriages that actually make contact with the tracks. This requires a total of 40 axles and 80 wheels.

Feel free to leave a comment about how you think I am doing or what you think of this kit.

Below are 10 axles finished and ready to be put in.

And on this picture below the axles are in a carriage, each carriage has 5 axles, in this picture the axles are placed, the leaf springs and the suspension system is visible and those are actually seperate parts wich also add up to 80 times of each part.

My first time using filler properly because I wanted a smooth side of the carriages, especially the visible parts of the carriages. 

Partially done with the carriages.

The carriages and a bridge piece on the tracks, I finished it this far to show and see for myself how massive this model will be. I can tell you everything looks small but put together this thing is gonna be huge. 

First time having photo-etch parts. They look awesome on this kit I must say. it adds a nice detail and in plastic they would be to fragile. Especially this mesh plating on the bridge piece.

This picture is 7 months old taken at new years eve. Typical dutch pastry on the background.

Since the tracks consist of 9 pieces of roadbed and add up to 1.10 meters in length I decided to reinforce the connections of the roadbed pieces with strips of plastic on the underside of the roadbed.

This is the base on top of which the cannon barrel will be sticking out on the front too

One outer carriage completed. This end is actually made up of suprisingly many parts. 

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