Monday, September 10, 2012

Finished work: MG Sandrock EW

So after like 1.5 months its finally finished, Sandrock, it was about time and that means I can start my Strike Gundam Head.

I left it its original colours but painted, except for the purple greyish on the sides of the shield and backpack. Furthermore I used a gloss coat with pledge floor wax, Used black oil paint to fill up the panel lines and added rust weathering to paths where rain could flow. It also gives more of a desert look to it in my opinion.

So enjoy the rest of the pictures and tell me what you think about it.



  1. Nice work man looking awesome! looks like you are stepping up your skills

    1. Lol yeah, now my resin skills are up for next improvement lol

    2. resin isn't really as tough as people make it seem. you will be fine

    3. yeah, just getting used to another material, though it doesnt really look like its gonna be a problem anyway. just alot more cleaning up lol