Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I got a package #1

Hello again, so yes I know the title isn't original.

So today I got my first resin kit delivered home, the Super G recast of the NeoGrade 1/24 Gundam evolve 8 strike head & cockpit + LED system. As you may already know I am a huge SEED fan. And this looked like a good kit to start with resin. As I look at it I think the casting quality is overall good, just nubs and extra bits, haven't spotted any airbubbles yet.

Sadly the decals I got are not exactly the ones seen on the original NeoGrade kit. Seeing the Archangel decals.


  1. Awesome kit man that thing is gonna be a MONSTER.

  2. WOT! you got it!!! I shall follow this WIPs man. its one of my dream kits.

    1. nice, I will first finnish sandrock hopefully this weekend and then start this one